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Am I a Blogger?

I have asked myself this question a few times recently.

I occasionally attend a local meetup of fantastic West Michigan Bloggers.

I pay for this domain name.

I update it. Rarely. So I guess that means I do not fit one of the ProBlogger definitions:

The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily

But thanks to Dictionary.com maybe I actually am a blogger:

noun 1. a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites...

Since I do pay for this little bit of real estate out in web world I think I will keep moving forward and try to figure out how to update it. More often.

Thankfully I love to learn new things because just off the top of my head basic updates will need to include:

  • a new profile picture (I think it's called a head shot? Or is it mug shot?)
  • reviewing and updating the 'About Me' section 
  • figuring out how to find the time to write and post (I think it's called planning?)
  • learning about photo software so adding and editing images is easier
  • how to upload and edit video

Phew. I am already overwhelmed.

Step by step... I can do this...

And thankfully there is still 30 minutes left in the kids' nap time.


10 Most Common Questions About Making Money with PartyLite

I'm a curious person... I ask a lot of questions. And I enjoy getting to know others who also look for answers by asking questions.

If you're looking for answers to the popular question 'How can I make more money? Especially when I'm already so busy!' then you may have learned about the fast growing, flexible industry of direct sales.

You have choices since there are many direct selling companies to choose from. You may be considering your options and you likely have questions.

Allow me to help by providing the answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions when you consider becoming a PartyLite consultant as a way to earn extra income.

So... here are the questions:

  1. How much does it cost to get started?
  2. How much can I earn?
  3. Can I do this alongside a busy full-time job?
  4. Can I replace my full-time income?
  5. Can I move up in income quickly?
  6. How do I ensure that I always have future business?
  7. What makes PartyLite different from other direct sales companies?
  8. How quickly can I earn a higher income?
  9. Can I do this if I'm shy or don't have any sales experience?
  10. How do I get started?

Now... what about the answers?

  1. The cost to get started? The choice is yours - get it FREE, or invest a minimal amount and earn income immediately. You can choose to purchase a starter kit for $175. Or collect $350 orders (with a traditional home party or with a catalog or online party) and get the kit for FREE!
  2. How much can you earn? Totally up to you! Your business with PartyLite is self-paced, so you decide. Many PartyLite consultants find that they spend about 3 hours per party (from arrival to departure time) and earn an average of $100. Plus, count on earning even more as Customers shop online through your personal PartyLite website.
  3. Work full-time? Already have a busy schedule? Since you set your own PartyLite schedule, you can work as your schedule allows. Plus, take advantage of the various ways you can earn income with PartyLite: Hold home parties, Online parties, Restaurant parties, Online orders, Fundraisers, or Open Houses.
  4. Looking to replace your full-time income? You absolutely can do that with a PartyLite business. Many consultants start a PartyLite business to supplement their full-time job and discover that they can equal or even surpass their current earnings.
  5. Want to move up in income quickly? With the PartyLite Move Up Leadership Program, you can earn $2,690 in income in your first 3 months working part-time. (Yes, seriously!!) Plus, you continue to earn more income and bonuses as you build your team.
  6. Concerned you'll run out of customers? As a consultant, you will have amazing tools to help you build, grow and sustain your business: Your own business website, Sales-generating email campaigns, Online training (Free!), Company-paid Host program, Monthly specials, On-trend, platinum quality products, Amazing Bonuses and Rewards, and Ongoing Promotions
  7. What makes PartyLite different from other direct sales companies? I love this question! And since I've enjoyed my PartyLite business since 1998 I can tell you many reasons why I believe PartyLite is the best choice! (And will be posting more about that on this blog in weeks to come) You have the assurance of joining a company that has been in business for over 38 years and is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association. Our parent company, Blyth Inc, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, symbol BTH.
  8. How quickly can you earn a higher income? If you've been looking for a company that rewards your ambition, PartyLite is the place to be! A PartyLite Unit Leader, our entry level management position, earns on average more than $18,000 a year for part-time work, and typically alongside a full-time job. Many PartyLite leaders continue on to replace their full-time income, enjoying the rewards of working fewer hours with more flexibility.
  9. 'But I'm not a salesperson'. A close second to #6 as very common statement. Most successful PartyLite consultants began their business with these same concerns. I will be your business coach and help you! Imagine being able to earn a great income while you gain confidence and learn new skills. Besides, if you've raised children and 'sold them' on eating broccoli or going to bed, then you already have more skills than you realize. And we've all 'sold someone' on a great restaurant or movie that we've enjoyed.
  10. How do I give PartyLite a try? That's the easiest part! Contact me and I'll help you with the simple steps to earn that extra cash quickly with PartyLite.

Thanks for asking questions and for being curious. 

Do you have other questions about direct sales? Or about PartyLite?


PartyLite Coupon Code for Extra Savings in the Online Outlet

New Year. New PartyLite Candle Scents. And a Coupon Code for Extra Savings in the PartyLite Online Outlet!

Today is the last day to stock up on all your favorite scents of PartyLite Tealights for Half Price (Only $5; Reg $10) so you can warm up your winter with new candles! 

PLUS enjoy 20% off any PartyLite Online Outlet items with Coupon Code NEWYRSALE at checkout (expires tonight 1/2/2012 at 11:59pm EST).

Which of these candle scents are your favorite? Which new fragrances are you looking forward to trying?


Iced Snowberries

Coconut Cove

Banana Leaf

Mango Tangerine

Orange Zest

Strawberry Rhubarb

Berry Blast

Apple Orchard


Black Raspberry



Lime Twist



Silver Birch & Fig

Amber Wood & Vanilla

Tamboti Safari

Ebony Wood & Patchouli

Twilight Sea - NEW

Essence of Lavender

Bamboo Mist



Orange Blossom - NEW

Safari Sunset - NEW

Apple Blossom - NEW

Cherry Blossom


Black Orchid



Sea Salt & Driftwood

Mountain Waters - NEW



Vanilla Citron - NEW (and my new FAVORITE, lol!)

French Vanilla

Spice Market - NEW

Sugared Macaroon - NEW





Take advantage of half price PartyLite tealights (Last day!) when you shop tealights on my website. Add any/all scents to your cart and at checkout the discounts will reflect!


Happy Saving, & Happy New Year!


PartyLite Coupon Code for Free Tealights


If you enjoy flipping through the latest issue of Real Simple magazine you might have noticed the beautiful 2-page display of home warming decor from PartyLite.

But even if you missed the Real Simple magazine ad I wanted to be sure that you didn't miss the PartyLite coupon code that expires soon*. You still have a couple days to grab FREE tealights with any $25 order.

Simply shop, add items to your cart totaling $25 or more.

Add a box of one dozen tealights to your cart.

And use PartyLite coupon code SIMPLE at check out.*

It's that easy... or should I say simple :)

And if you want the best value for stocking up on PartyLite tealights, take advantage of the bundle pricing. When you add 3 dozen tealights to your cart you will see the price adjusts to reflect a discount so you only pay $25 for 3 dozen tealights.

Then after you add your additional box of tealights (the ones that will be free after the PartyLite coupon code) you will end up with 4 dozen tealights for just $25 plus shipping of $6.50. (I'll be really excited if PartyLite offers a code for FREE Shipping, but I haven't seen that yet).

Thanks so much for shopping with me. I really appreciate your business!

*Coupon code simple expires 11:59pm EST on 12/31/11


New Online Catalog Feature Will Make Shopping with PartyLite Even Easier


New! Click-to-Shop PartyLite 2012 Catalogs

Hundreds of people who love PartyLite candles and the convenience of online shopping click their way to scent-sational savings everyday.


Starting soon (December 16 to be exact) the PartyLite 2012 catalog and Winter Clearance booklet will be available on my consultant website in a new digital Click-to-Shop format.


As you flip the pages, you can simply click on a product and add it directly to your shopping cart. This new feature will make online shopping with PartyLite even faster and easier.


And here is another inside secret...


Shop PartyLite from Facebook! Early in 2012 my Facebook friends will have a way to browse the new online PartyLite catalogs and shop without leaving Facebook.


For now click over and 'Like' my Facebook page Amy Talsma | Candles, Home Fragrance, & Fun so that you'll be able to use this new feature when it's available (and get the details of other deals coming soon).